This blog will document, in some way, the shenanigans of this new (to me) way of playing the sims.

It will most likely be a very zoomed out slice of life "story" with a heavy dose of paranormality and potentially some interludes from me. I'm just making this up as I go and hoping it morphs into something cool. If not, I'm having fun!

The method

MAIN MECHANIC: I play as townies from different worlds and I rotate among households, playing each for 7 sim days. I also give each of the townie families I play a makeover, because what is the sims without spending at least half your time in CAS, really? I may do some builds as well, but I am much less experienced in doing those :P

MAIN GOAL: To accomplish the aspirations of as many played sims as possible. Also, to cause drama and get some Story Mode out of this.

EXTRAS: new traits, autonomy mods, lots of custom content. I'm also going to manually do a bunch of whims and approve every randomized like and dislike to allow the sims to develop some personality and introduce ~unexpected twists~.

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